Return Policy

You have the right to return your order in whole or in part within a time-frame of 14 working days, counting from the date you received it, without bearing any obligation to inform us of the reason for it being returned. In this case, you solely bear the immediate cost of returning the product. You can use the ΕΛΤΑ Courier service and choose the recipient charge, (the charge is 3€-only for Greece). This amount will be deducted from your exchange or refund and will not need to be paid to the shipping company. If you choose to use another shipping option of your choice, you will be fully charged for the shipping costs which you will pay directly to the shipping company in real time. In case the reason for returning a product is due to our company’s error, we shall cover the cost of the product return. In this case, shipments are made only through ΕΛΤΑ Courier.

You should return the product in the perfect condition in which you received it, that is to say without breaking the seal of the package and by confirming that the special tags (labels) of the product have not been removed. In addition, you should include the payment receipt.
Products must be returned within a time frame of 14 working days from the date you received it.
In case of a return of a product, and depending on both the method you chose to pay for your order and the way it will be returned, the refund will be concluded within 20 days from the date we receive the product.
In case you wish to return any purchased products, you need to send them to the following address:
ΤEL: 211 4098544